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Industrial Salicylic acid

發(fā)布日期:2019-6-17 17:14:44來(lái)源:http://www.tomarrowk.com/product205880.html


Technical Grade Salicylic Acid

Product name:   Salicylic acid; 2-hydroxybenzoic acid

Chemical name:   2-hyrocbenzoic acid

Molecular Formula:    HOC6H4COOH

Molecule structural Formula: 

Molecular weight:  138.12

CAS#     69-72-7

Properties: slight pink to off white crystalline powder, odorless, initial melting point is above 156℃, sublimed on 76℃ or above.

Quality specification:   HG/T3398-2003

Appearance: slight pink to off white crystalline powder

Assay:  ≥99%

Drying initial melting point: ≥156℃

Phenol: ≤0.2%

Ash:   ≤0.3%

Uses:  Used as intermediate or material of drug, pesticide, dye, flavor, rubber, building material and water treatment agent.

Packing: Net wt 25kg, PE bag lined PP woven bag

Load quantity: 16T/20’FCL

Storage:  Sealed, kept in dark and dry place. It should be 0.5m away from wall, far away from water pipe, sewer and heating device.


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